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The International Leadership Council

The International Leadership Council is a forum where the senior leaders of the bilateral and multilateral chambers of commerce and business organizations in Atlanta can come together as individuals in an atmosphere of congeniality to discuss issues of common interest, to learn more about the broad international business community, and to develop friendships among peers.

It provides a place for new chambers and those in the formation stages to learn and be mentored by established chambers. The formation of new chambers creates better business ties between the Southern U.S. and other countries, which leads to more business and cultural exchanges.

The ILC provides a single point of contact so that business and government leaders can access the international chambers effectively. Conversely it allows the international chambers to collectively represent their concerns to government and political officials.

The International Leadership Council gives additional benefits to bi-national chamber Presidents or Chairmen through providing a venue for them to meet leaders of other international chambers at the ILC meetings.

It provides a high-quality networking environment by holding ILC meetings at quality venues, supported by sponsors who enjoy the opportunity to host the leaders of the international business community

The International Leadership Council

"Leaders meeting leaders is an end in itself."

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